Option #1: Marine Sealights

Peter Park at Toowong has modified off the shelf Sealights to be adapted to fit on a club rowing boat. It comes with a sucker for the stern facing light, and a bow number plate for insertion in the bow number holder.

4 x AA batteries last well, and the unit has a light sensor so it turns off at sunrise automatically.

Contact Peter Park on 0418-902-299

Currently $80.00 for a full kit of 2 lights. This kit comprises one bow light with a bow number fitting to slot into any boat with a valid bow number fixture. The stern light has 2 suckers that can be used to apply the light to the rear of the boat facing the stern.

Option 2: Norwegian made Navisafe Navilights:

Whenever you operate a vessel on the water from sunset to sunrise or when there is poor visibility, whether at anchor or underway, you must secure that it exhibits the correct lights as requested by local authorities and/or international law.

Following these rules is not just a means to operate legally but to make sure your own, as well as others safety, is maintained correctly. Whether you are paddling, rowing, sailing or motoring, on a lake, river or offshore you need to secure that you can be seen. Navisafe makes this more than easy for you.

The link on the image to the right takes you to a local supplier, who charges $99.90 for 1 ight with the Go Pro sucker attachment.

Option #3 Frog Lights:

No question, boats need a navigation light for low dark mornings and evenings. The Frog Light has been developed especially as a boat navigation light, offering effortless operation, reliability and durability.

When the boat comes off the rack and goes onto the water, the lights will automatically switch on and off when needed! The automatic light detects when the boat is turned over or when there is enough daylight to switch off. No remembering switches or pulling apart for maintenance. Just leave on the boat and recharge when the light indicates.

These lights are $125.00 each, or $250.00 for a pair. We have a charger in the shed, or you can buy your own for charging over summer for $44.50