Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club

est 1885.






Welcome to the Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club

The Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club has a proud tradition of rowing on the Brisbane River and today operates programs for
– Learn to Row – Junior – Elite – Recreational – Veterans/Masters.

New members are welcome to the club. Simply contact us or visit the boat shed on the first Saturday morning of each month around 7.00 am.

Join the club at any time. See the Membership page for details.

Lights for rowing in the dark

All boats that are stored in our shed and being used before sunrise or after sunset will require suitable lights to meet the regulations of Maritime Service Queensland (MSQ). Under the regulations, each boat must have a 360-degree white flashing light visible for at least 2 kms. If the lights are mounted at the water level, then a bow light and stern light need to be fitted. Click on the image below for a link to the recommended solutions of the club. These lights are the personal responsibility of each member who wants to row in these hours. The club does not supply lights as part of our equipment service.

Learn to Row

New Learn to Row (LTR) classes start in October 2021. See the Learn to Row pages for dates, registration, fees etc. The next course will start on the 2nd October 2021. The March class is fully subscribed We do not offer LTR from April to September.

River Safety Video’s

Brisbane River Share Video from RQ and MSQ, Transdev

Click the link above to watch the video created by the associated organisations to help educate users of the Brisbane River in safely navigating and sharing the river. All B&GPS members will already be aware of these requirements, but this is a visual reminder of the risks associated with rowing, and how they can be minimised if correct procedures are followed while you are rowing on the river.

Social Sites:

Click here for a link to the GPS Facebook pages of images and other recent material.

GPS Rowing Club – Click for Boat Bookings.

How to Book a Club Boat

Once you have had a look at the Google Docs above and determined which boat you would like to book, send your request to and the booking request will be applied to the spreadsheet. Any conflicts or other issues will be assessed at the time of booking and you will be advised if the requested boat is not available.

Port Office Tides

Click here to get the latest tide predictions for the Brisbane Port Office from the BOM. Note that the club pontoon is about 45 minutes later than the tides for the Port Office. So, just add 45 minutes to Port Office times to get close to the tides at GPS pontoon.