This is a distinct membership category.

A PAYR Member must register in the PAYR Category and pay the following fees:

• RQ Recreational fee, $42.00 for 2018
• PAYR Membership, $20.00 for 2018.

There is no quarterly pro rata concession for these registration fees.

A PAYR Membership entitles the Member to row on an occasional basis, subject to the following procedure:

1. PAYR membership is available only to former members of the Club.
2. The crew must be made up only of Club Members.
3. The crew registration, boat booking, and payment are to be made no less than four days before the date of the row.
4. The fee per PAYR Member for each Occasional Row is $15.00.
5. A PAYR Member must register a crew and pay in advance for each row, through Revolutionise.
6. If a crew includes one or more Members of the Club registered in categories other than PAYR Membership, they are not required to pay the Occasional Rowing fee.
7. The request for a boat for an Occasional Row is to be made on the Club’s website, by emailing with a suitable request.
8. The details of the crew for each Occasional Row and confirmation of payment are to be sent by email to the Club Captain no less than four days before the row.
9. On application, the crew will signify acceptance of the decision of the Club Captain.
10. The Club Captain makes a decision on the competency of the proposed crew, taking account of the time proposed for the row.
11. Approval entitles the crew to utilize the Club’s nominated boat at the notified time; it does not include use of a tinnie or provision of coaching.
12. Boating by a PAYR crew will not be approved:

• between 5.00am and 5.30am any day
• before 9.00am Saturdays and Sundays.

13. All fees include GST.