The plan for the 2018 to 2019 Season:

This group shall be divided into two squads.


There will be two squads in this group. The first squad will be offered training on Wednesday from 5 am and Saturday from 8:30 am. A second squad will also be offered training at 8:00 am on Sunday mornings only. This is targetted at girls who enjoy rowing and do not need the extra session.


The focus of these girls will be to improve technique both on the water and on the ergometer and to maintain a reasonable level of fitness.


Cost for the Development Squad will be approximately $277.00 (including GST) plus 2 payments of $46.00 to cover Rowing Queensland Registration for the two calendar years. A total commitment is then required of $369.00


These girls will be offered training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5 am and Saturday from 6 am.


The focus of these girls will be on small boats. This will be single sculls for under 17’s and sculls and pairs for under 19’s.
It is anticipated that if these girls are able to achieve acceptable standards they will be offered the opportunity to compete at Queensland State Titles and Australian National Titles. It will be up to the coaches at the club to make a decision on the level of competition that is offered.


Cost for the Championship Squad will be approximately $356.00 (including GST) plus 2 payments of $46.00 to cover Rowing Queensland Registration for the two calendar years. A total commitment is then required of $448.00.


The Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club has successfully run a junior development program for the past thirteen years. The club provides an enjoyable environment and the support needed to maximise young club members’ potential. The program helps aspiring junior rowers develop their skills in the sport and aims to complement school rowing programs. By design, our program creates a clear pathway for junior athletes into the club system and elite-level rowing.

If you are interested in competing at Club State Championship, and the Australian National Rowing Championships in March, then we can help you get to these events, If you are interested in improving your skills and fitness, without a focus on competition but more on outdoor activities, and some fun, then we have a squad for you as well.

The program has produced nine Australian representatives in the past seven years, competing in sculling and sweep events at World Junior (U19), U23, and Senior A championships, and Olympics in 2016. 11 other rowers who have represented Queensland.

How do I express an interest?

If you are interested in joining the B&GPS Girl’s Junior Development Programme please express your interest by emailing Joe Pattison at Please include in your email your rowing history, ergo score, height and an overview of your goals.

Will I benefit from the program?

Are you looking to:

  • Improve your technical rowing skills in both sweep and sculling?
  • Be better prepared for sculling and ergo trails?
  • Maintain your fitness over the off-season?
  • A row in all classes of boats?
  • Wish to challenge your fitness

If you answered yes to one or all of the above then you will definitely benefit from the program. What you put into the program is what you will get out of it. Some girls and boys may wish to compete in the Under 17 (U17) events at the Australian Championships in Sydney in March 2018 for which a special program will be organised.

Many graduates of the program in recent years have rowed in their schools’ first VIIIs, and have continued their rowing into the club successful young members’ squads.

What we offer:

We aim to provide:

  • Up to a maximum of 4 water sessions per week for the Championship squad.
  • Much of the training will be in small boats, singles and pairs.
  • 2 water sessions a week for the Development squad
  • Provide a fun, inclusive, challenging and safe environment
  • Cater to individual athlete skill level and experience.
  • Complement any school-based rowing program as well as providing a program for athletes from non-rowing schools
  • Provide opportunities for athletes to compete in a relevant and suitable club, state and interstate regattas/events
  • Identify other activities and opportunities that will enhance a rower’s overall performance e.g. cross fit training, exercise physiologists, dieticians, sports psychologists, and talks by world champion rowers