Junior Development Squad for 2023 to 2024:

New opportunities await young rowing enthusiasts at B&GPS Rowing Club! Join our Junior Development Squad for the upcoming season and embark on a journey of growth, skill-building, and camaraderie. At B&GPS Rowing Club, we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to row. Whether you’re a beginner or have some rowing experience, our expert coaches will guide you in honing your skills and help you reach your full potential. Join us and be a part of the thriving rowing community at B&GPS Rowing Club.

Under 19 Performance Squad:

There will be 2 squads training during Term 1 at the club. One squad is managed by Nigel Stubbs and is composed of U/19 athletes who will be focussing on preparing for the National Australian Rowing Championships in Sydney starting on the 18th of March. This group will be preparing for this event by attending the Qld State Championship regatta in January and the NSW State Championship Regatta in February.

Under 17 Skill Squad:

The other group consists of the students in Year 9 and Year 10 in 2024 who have expressed an interest in preparing for selection for rowing in their school programmes in Term 2 of 2024. Andrew McNicol will be managing this group and will be offering 2 on water training sessions a week. The key focus of this squad will be around the use of a single scull at the club. This squad will also be encouraged to complete some regular ergo sessions at home or in a local gym and have access to strength and conditioning sessions under the auspices of a school gym programme.

The All Hallows students will have access to the school gym after school in Term 1. BGGS students will be encouraged by Caitlin Hockings to participate in gym sessions as well as Cross Country and other sports in Term 1.