Covid-19 Policy and Procedures as of 23rd August 2020

Brisbane & GPS Rowing Club

This procedure applies to all rowing and club activities from 15 June 2020. The procedure is based on Rowing Queensland Guidelines and applies to all members and is a condition of membership. If any members breach the procedure, the Committee will consider what action should be taken.

Rowing roster and conduct

  1. Club members must not attend the shed if they have COVID-19 symptoms or are awaiting test
  2. Club members will be allocated a crew and a boat for every session. See the RTR 2020 table in the Boat Booking link on the front of the website for details. All boat classes are now permitted however, particular safety considerations apply for 4+/-, 4x and 8+ (see below). It is preferred that the same crew rows together. Only those rowers considered competent in these boat classes will be permitted to row. This competency assessment will be made by the Committee prior to the rower joining the rowing
  3. Rowers can only row when they are rostered to do so.
  4. Rowers will be allocated a set arrival, launching and departure time as a member of a “squad’. Rowers will not be permitted to enter the Boathouse storage facility or hardstand until their allotted This is now organized into squad times, with a limit of no more than 20 people in any capacity at the shed and surrounds at any one time. Due to limitations on the number of boats on the hardstand, we must maintain a roster of no more than four boats at one time with special considerations apply for 4+/-, 4x and 8+.
  5. Rowers are to co-ordinate their return from a session such that on their return no more than four boats are to be on the hard-stand at any time but not to overlap into any later squad’s allocated time slot. Stretchers are to be set out in the four marked quadrants on the hardstand.
  6. Once the equipment is returned to the Boathouse rowers are to leave the vicinity promptly to ensure the social gathering guidelines are not breached.
  7. All activities in and around the boathouse, on the hardstand and on the pontoon will be at all times under the direct supervision of an accountable person “COVID-19 Officer” who may change from squad to squad. Rowers are to follow the direction of the COVID-19 Officer at all times.
  8. The COVID-19 Officer will:
    (a) confirm your record in the attendance book
    (b) ensure you certify you are not suffering any relevant symptoms or medical conditions and
    (c) that you comply with the conditions and comply with social distancing rules.
  9. Social distancing in full observation of the State and National Government Guidelines as applicable is to be practised at all times.
  10. A daybook of all participants in each session to be maintained by the rostered COVID-19 This must be completed by anyone attending the gym including rowers, gym and ergo users, coaches and others. The club is required to keep this accurate record for 8 weeks after the date of attendance.
  11. Each rower must before every attendance attest that they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, do not have any symptoms which may indicate COVID-19 or have been exposed to a known carrier of the coronavirus.

Safety considerations for 4+/-, 4x and 8+ and coaching tinnies

  1. Due to the additional space and people required, only two of these larger boat classes can be on the hardstand at one Alternatively, one large boat and two singles/pairs/doubles may be on the hardstand at one time.
  2. Due to the additional time taken to load larger boats, these will be scheduled at the end of the daily roster.
  3. Coaching tinnies and the crews they are coaching will also be scheduled at the end of the daily roster.
  4. Coxing should not be conducted in the 4+ or 4x+ without approval from the Safety Sub- Coxing can occur in 8+ however, the cox must wear a mask and they must not share microphone equipment.

Safety considerations for the ergo, gym, kitchen, and bathrooms 

  1. The daily registration book must be completed by anyone attending the facility in any capacity.
  2. The Club gym and kitchen area are open. To ensure we maintain 4 sq metres between participants, only three people (including the coach) are allowed in the gym at any time. The gym can be used at any time, but users must be mindful of rowers who are using the shed prior to and after their rowing session.
  3. Ergos may be used outside, preferably on the hardstand, with adequate distance between each Due to hardstand limitations, ergo training cannot occur during a rostered rowing session. Individual and small group ergo sessions can be conducted inside provided rowers maintain 4 sq metres between participants.
  4. If a participant uses the toilets, they must wipe down all surfaces they have touched using the supplied alcohol wipes/cleaning products. The toilets will be cleaned after each scheduled rowing Showers are not available. Only one person can be in the bathroom at any one time.
  5. When using the gym or ergo, the equipment must be cleaned with the supplied alcohol wipes/cleaning products between each user g. if participants are rotating between equipment, they must wipe it down before the next user. Rotation is discouraged. A thorough clean must be undertaken by participants after every gym or ergo session.

Personal hygiene and oar cleaning

  1. Club members must use the alcohol-based sanitizer on entering and leaving the shed and prior to and after touching any equipment including sign in pen, trolleys, oars, boats etc.
  2. Oars are to be sanitised as follows:
      • Before you pick up any equipment, wash your hands at the shed using soap/water or hand sanitiser.
      • On selection of a set of oars and before rowing spray the handgrips with the topical alcohol-based spray provided ensuring that the entire surface of the grip has been wetted.
      • On return from rowing wash the oars thoroughly using soapy water paying special attention to the handgrips.
      • Hang the oars in the oar rack to dry, please do not spray them with the topical spray at this time.
      • Repeat the process next time you row
      • Wash your hands after rowing.
  3. On return from a rowing, session boats are to be recovered from the water thoroughly washed inside and out using detergent and by hosing off.

Personal safety issues

  1. Members must report to the on-duty COVID-19 Officer if, at any stage after attending the B&GPS facilities, they are confirmed as having COVID-19.
  2. Any identified cases of COVID-19 amongst active members will be reported to the Health Authorities and Rowing Queensland immediately on the Club becoming aware of the incident.
  3. If a participant arrives at the shed and is identified to have symptoms or otherwise be at risk (e.g. recently returned from overseas) they will be directed to immediately depart or stay in a safe area (at the back of the shed, near the trailers) until they are collected.
  4. Rowers are encouraged to use the COVID-Safe App.
  5. Club Members should consider their own personal circumstances including the on-water safety issues and any concerns you may have in terms of your own health and safety and the risks to you of social Members of more vulnerable groups should consider their own circumstances.