B&GPS Club Documentation:

This is where all of the documentation that club members need, apart from membership details, can be found. It includes the Members Information Handbook for 2020 and Safety procedures with links to documents associated with risk management requirements.

The 2020 Members Information can be found here.


The Clubs’ safety procedures

There are a number of basic safety requirements that members are expected to carry out in normal daily operations.
When a crew is about to go on the water, an entry needs to be made in the log book that is situated at the front of the shed between the sweep oars. This entry also needs to be signed off when the same crew successfully returns to the shed. Any damage during the row can be noted at this time.

Marine Incidents:

If an incident occurs when you are on the river, that involves some injury to a rower or damage to a boat, or a collision with another vessel on the river, then this needs to be reported to the B&GPS Club Safety Officer first and to then Rowing Qld and Maritime Services Qld (MSQ) using the form on the front of the RQI web site. It can be found here.

Brisbane River Code of Conduct

Members must familiarise themselves with the following documents issued by Rowing Queensland regarding the use of the river, water safety and lighting requirements for rowing craft when visibility is restricted and in poor light. There is an expectation that a minimum standard of behaviours will be undertaken when on the water. Details can be found here:

Rowing Boat Lights:

During winter months, all boats need to comply with minimum boat lighting standards. Details can be found here: The specific reference to the legislation can be found on the MSQ website here.
Rowing Queensland’s Water Safety Guidelines can be found here:

The Club has also provided some product information that members can use to access suppliers of various lighting solutions. These are recommended by the club as minimum specification lights. Alternative solutions are discouraged. The club recommended solutions are here:

Spending discretion authority/policy.

This policy sets out the Club’s policy on the capacity of members to commit the Club to spend or to incur expenses on the Club’s behalf for later reimbursement.
This policy was last updated on 1st July 2017 and first authorised by the club’s management committee in July 2017.
Committee members and club members have authority to commit the club to expenditure only to the extent expressly authorised by this policy. Any expenditure beyond the amounts described below must be expressly authorised by the Club’s Management Committee.

The policy document can be found here.