New procedures for 2018:

From January 2018, we will require all new and renewing members to read and understand some documentation that will ensure we are all aware of the risks associated with rowing, and what we need to do as club members to reduce these risks.

River Safety Video:

The Qld Government in conjunction with Rowing Qld has compiled a short 16-minute video on general river safety guidelines. You need to watch this before you apply or re-apply for membership. The link to the video is here:

Water Safety Education:

Rowing Qld has also developed 2 courses on water safety, that is particularly relevant to rowers. They can take up to an hour to complete, so give yourself enough time to understand the concepts and detail in each course for your own benefit. Do these courses! The link to these courses is here:  Just select the Rowing Qld Safety Course 1. Brisbane River and the Rowing Qld Safety Course 2. All Areas They are free to do.

Safety Management Plan:

The club has developed a Safety Management Plan. You will need to have read this document, and acknowledge that you will adhere to the guidelines that are published in the document. It can be found here:
Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club Safety Management Plan 2013

Renewing Members Procedure:

Then what for existing members who want to renew?

When you have completed the steps above, then you will need to log in to the Revolutionise Web site and pay the relevant membership fees that are outlined on the Revolutionise Web site.

Revolutionise is the central database system that maintains the details of all registered rowers in Australia. With your own private access, you will be able to update your personal details, such as your preferred current e-mail address, your contact phone numbers, and home address. In 2018 the club will be using the data stored in Revolutionise to connect to all registered and financial club members. If your details in Revolutionise are incorrect, then we will not be able to contact you. If you have not registered in Revolutionise, you will NOT be able to enter into Regattas in 2018.


To renew your membership:

1. Click on the following link Revolutionise Rego Page: This will capture your name and DOB. You can then select the type of RQ Registration you require. Options are mainly Competitive or Non Competitive. You can add club fees after the initial selection.

Initial Rego Screen

2. Now select what type of Club Membership you require, and if you want any extras such as boat storage.

Bottom of Renewal

3. Then click on “Renew Membership”

4. It is important that you scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Registration dialogue box, so you can read all of the Terms of Registration, and then click on the confirmation button. You will not be able to proceed unless you have clicked on this confirmation button.


5. This will generate an invoice associated with your registration type which will be emailed to your registered email address. Please check your ‘junk’ folder if you do not receive this invoice.


6. Please make payment either via credit card in Revolutionise or via payment to the Club’s bank account. If you are making payment directly to the club’s bank account, please email evidence of payment so we can reconcile the Club’s accounts.
BSB – “484799”
Account Number – “084621999”
Account Name – “GPS2 Membership”

Make sure you put the details from the Revolutionise Invoice on the transfer, so we can sort who has paid what and when.

When you have done all of that …. Welcome to another year of rowing at Brisbane & GPS Rowing Club. We hope you have many wonderful rows and lots of great water.


Link to Revolutionise Web Site:

If you are joining part way through the year or would like a quote for family membership please contact the club for membership fees prorated over the course of the year.

Memberships are due and payable by the 31st January 2018 at the latest.  Please complete the registration process above with the appropriate payment to the Club by no later than 31st January 2018

If you have any queries about your renewal or what fees to pay (particularly if you have a family membership), please do not hesitate to contact the club on

Rowing Qld Inc (RQI) – Scale of Fees Model
RQI have documented how their Scale of Fees model is to be interpreted to reduce confusion about who pays for what. The details are below:
Please note: All age calculations are based on your age up to and including 31st December 2018. If you have your 18th birthday during 2018, then you are Under 19 by the 31st December 2018

2018 Competitive: For all rowers, coxes and coaches aged over 18 who compete in Rowing Queensland, Rowing Australia or any other State rowing association regattas.  This includes regattas such as the Australian National Championships, Australian Masters Championships, the Head of the Yarra, etc.  It is important to ensure that all athletes competing at the National Championships are currently registered with Rowing Queensland. Cost: $69.00

2018 Junior Competitive: The same as Competitive, except for rowers, coxes and coaches aged 18 and under. Cost: $46.00

2018 Recreational: For rowers, coxes and coaches who row, but do not compete at Rowing Queensland, Rowing Australia or any other State rowing association regattas.  If a Recreational member chooses to compete at a regatta, for example, the Head of the Yarra, they must upgrade to the relevant Competitive or Junior Competitive registration.  Cost: $42.00

2018 Social: For club members who do not row, coach or cox at all, but are still involved in club activities, for example, volunteers, boat race officials, parents, supporters, committee members, etc.  Cost: $0.00

2018 Limited: Specifically for people participating in a rowing program with a limited time-frame, for example, Learn to Row or Corporate rowing.  Limited registration lasts for 3 months after the initial registration, and does not allow participants to compete in regattas outside of those specific to their rowing program.  Cost: $15.00.

Rev Rego Page